3 de dezembro de 2012

“Cities of Tomorrow: Action Today"

URBACT Annual conference
Quando: 3-4 December 2012


Urban practitioners, policymakers and experts from across the EU will investigate solutions to the challenges faced by EU cities.

The Conference in short

URBACT’s Annual Conference builds on the European Commission’s report "Cities of tomorrow – Challenges, visions, ways forward"(October 2011), which highlights many of the major challenges that hundreds of cities in URBACT networks are trying to solve through sustainable urban development.

Planned speakers include:
- Johannes Hahn, EU commissioner for regional policy;
- Jan Olbrycht, MEP & President of the URBAN Intergroup;
- Carsten Hansen, Danish Minister for Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs.

Drawing on evidence from URBACT – in particular project results and lessons - and other European Territorial Cooperation programmes, we will discuss how cities can tackle six key issues. The discussions will be dynamic in an interactive workshops format, and rhythm both days, alternating with plenary session and follow-ups.

The second day will enable participants to go much further into the debates and acquire more global perspectives through EU responses to urban challenges, but not only. Indeed, this will be the opportunity to get a view of global worldwide perspectives and the major urban models thanks to an international panel of city representatives and experts.

Proposing solutions to major urban challenges

Following the working groups’ activities, the six key issues addressed are:

How can cities create more jobs
How can cities foster active inclusion
   through social innovation

How can cities fight against the socio-
   spatial divide

How can cities manage 
   demographic change
How can cities improve buildings’ energy 
How can cities develop low carbon urban environment through better mobility and 

After its success during the URBACT 2010 Annual Conference, another way of exchanging will be enabled by the "URBACT Café". Based on the model of the World café, the URBACT Café offers participants an informal moment to exchange around tables with representatives from their own country, on their experience and good practices.

To the conference are welcomed practitioners and policy-makers involved in urban development at local, regional, national and EU level. URBACT project partners and experts are invited, other cities, national authorities, EU institutions, as well as research institutions and managing authorities of operational programmes.

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