20 de agosto de 2012

RE•ARCHITECTURE - RE•cycle, RE•use, RE•invest, RE•build

Exposição no Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Paris

12/4/2012 > 20/8/2012

Paris - Pavillon de l'Arsenal

The Pavillon de l’Arsenal has invited fifteen European agencies that question the way that modern-day cities are built to participate in this exhibition. Through their original strategies, these architects enact change upon cities which in turn impact on city-life.

Contemporary cities require a dynamic, lively and attentive approach, which, everyday, are fuelled by dialogue and shared experiences.

With the Re.architecture, Re.cycle, Re.use, Re.invest, Re.build exhibition we welcome an extremely promising generation of European architects who engage in participative and cross-cutting urban and architectural practices.

Presentation of the exhibition

The projects, in the form of micro-interventions or urban strategies, tend to turn unused land and buildings into opportunities. They breathe optimism into areas which have lost their sparkle: urban infills, waste lands, abandoned land or buildings or even large structures. They reclaim space at a time when European cities must be rebuilt and the sprawl contained. And, of course, they commit to saving that which is not renewable and reuse what can be recycled.
In light of such an unexpected, thought-provoking production, six people bear witness to this alternative urban approach through their own experiences: Jean Blaise, Michel Cantal-Dupart, Didier Fusillier, Guillaume Hébert, Maud Le Floc’h and Thierry Paquot. With festive, sustainable, responsible and environment-friendly cities - they each reveal the new time-frames of urban projects, order expectations and new tools implemented in new methods.
Thus, the Re.architecture, Re.cycle, Re.use, Re.invest, Re.build project aims to be a platform for collective exploration, knowledge about actions and research regarding change and emerging cultural, social and political urban planning practices. We thus invite both the greater public and professionals to discover new strategies for reinventing cities together.

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