20 de julho de 2012

Urban Prototyping

Urban Prototyping is a collaborative research initiative of the School of Design and Environment (SDE) and the School of Computing (SOC) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) with the aim to develop an integrative tool for design, planning and management of the built environment in a sustainable way, based on the application of advanced technologies of Virtual Prototyping.

Urban Prototyping intends to harness the growing computing power and network capabilities as well as the increasing availability of urban metabolic data to create a collaborative environment for urban information and simulation modelling. The project focus on the development of a new and integrative platform for computer aided planning and design on urban level that is able:
  • To integrate different knowledge fields and databases on urban level.
  • To synchronise simulation models that are developed for different fields of urban planning and design.
  • To visualise the impact and performances of planning and design interventions.
  • To screen the consistency of planning and design decisions in different fields and on different scales (clash detection).
  • To optimise planning and design scenario's with regard to quality and efficiency.
  • To enable real time interactions between different planning institutions, experts and other participants.
Urban planning and design in Asia recently has to deal with the fastest urbanisation processes in history of mankind. Besides, the demands of sustainability are confronting planning and design of the built environment with new challenges. The dynamic and complexity of these demands are pushing the methodological boundaries of traditional planning and design approaches, asking for faster procedures, a better integration of data and of more diverse fields of knowledge, a better coordination between different planning institutions, the participation of more specialized experts in different fields, more complex results and a better control of performances. Urban Prototyping will contribute to these challenges by offering an integrative tool for computer aided planning and design on urban level.

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