6 de novembro de 2012

World Town Planning Day Online Conference

6-7 November 2012

Professional planning associations from around the world will celebrate World Town Planning Day 2012 with an international online conference. This online conference will bring together ideas from around the world about how advances in technology shape our environment. We hope to offer insights to help improve the built environment - our cities, towns, rural communities – and the natural environment.

Change is an opportunity in spatial planning. Technological developments have a huge spatial impact - think of the changes brought about by the industrial revolution, railways and canals, then the popularization of the motor car and air travel. The equivalent today is information and communication technology - our ability to connect with people through mobile phones, the internet and other systems and networks.

These advances are both a challenge and an opportunity to the planning and design professions. We need to keep up with the advances, meet the challenges, and ensure that the spaces and places we design make the most of the opportunities.

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