4 de agosto de 2013

IGU Regional Conference in Kyoto

The IGU Regional Conference in Kyoto is the major event in the world geographical community next year.

4-9 August 2013

Kyoto - Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto)

Conference Theme

Over the past decades, globalization and other global changes have re-structured relations between countries and regions in the world, and have greatly altered the world geography. This change has put forward various problems of local, regional or global scales, such as economic imbalance, social fragmentation, political conflicts, and environmental crises. All of these problems threaten the future of the earth. While acknowledging the world’s diversity, geography as a discipline must endeavor to resolve these problems by devising plans for cooperation and symbiotic existence of the different peoples of the world.

An old Japanese proverb (on-ko chi-shin), taken from a Chinese one (wengu zhixin), says that only by exploring the old can one understand the new. We should first understand how traditional ideas, linked to interaction between society/culture and the environment, were formed in different countries and regions.

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