14 de julho de 2013

Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions


15th - 19th July 2013

Dublin, Ireland

AESOP, Association of European Schools of Planning
ACSP, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning
UCD, University College Dublin

The Congress focuses on resilience which has become a new banner for various societal and related planning efforts in cities and regions across the globe. These efforts generally aim to sustain the urban and rural viability and improve the quality of life for their residents amidst the global economic and socio-political crisis and climate change.
The contemporary challenges require innovative and sustainable solutions in the creation of more resilient and adaptive cities and regions, which balance economic competitiveness, environmental protection and social flourishing. These solutions derive in part from spatial planning, building on the roles of urban design, community engagement and technological innovations to ensure that urbanisation is managed in a sustainable manner.
In addition, there is an opportunity to examine planning issues from peripheral (edge) as well as "in between" positions and perspectives. With the joint involvement of AESOP and ACSP, it is expected that the conversations will take special regard for cross-societal and cross-cultural themes and promote exchanges between the American and European as well as participants from other continents.

• Advances in Planning Theory and Practice
• Planning for Gender, Diversity, and Justice
• Environment, Energy and Climate Change
• Housing & Regeneration and Community Development in Time of Crisis
• Transport and Infrastructure Planning
• Governance, Institutions and Civic Initiatives
• Land Use Policy and Planning
• Innovation in Planning Education
• Design and History of the Urban Environment
• International Planning, Cross-border and Inter-regional Cooperation
• Spatial and Planning Analysis Methods in a Digital World
• Planning for Urban Regions in Transition, Growth and Shrinkage
• Urban and Regional Economic Planning under Prosperity and Austerity
• Planning for Risks - Health, Safety and Security
• Planning Law, Regulation and Dispute Resolution
• Rural and Landscape Planning

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