21 de julho de 2013

2º International Workshop on Urbanization and Cultural Landscape

An Italian Portuguese Scientific Cooperation Programme

Turin - Italy

24 - 31 July

Workshop topics and the framework:
How does the socio-cultural dimension of the heritage management in the historic urban landscapes matter in an era of mega-urbanization?
The 2º International Workshop on Urbanization and Cultural Landscape is a part of series of international workshops that focus on cultural and natural heritage management through relevant issues like, urbanization and urban growth, landscape quality assessment, spatial planning, cultural geography and territorial identity.
This workshop as well as the 1o International Workshop on Urbanization and Cultural Landscape will address issues regarding the rapid growth and changes of the urban context and aims at exploring, investigating and understanding dynamics between urban and rural areas, between historic and modern, in many functions and aspects: environmental, social, cultural, economic and institutional.
Landscape is in fact one of the fundamental dimensions of territory that reflects the interaction of nature, human settlement and history.City functions and their associated networksare an important and impacting factor in the development and change of landscape. This development in several cases is managed within the metropolitan boundaries and does not include also urban-rural interaction, which needs to be managed not only in an institutional framework and need to be understood at the local level. In this complexity, identifying, characterizing, evaluating are fundamental tools for planning and manage this complex urban-rural interaction, which is already an urgent issue at the global scale.

The methodology of this workshop is based on a multiple activity model including theoretical, practical, case studies and site visits, exercises, group work and classroom discussions. Participants will need to be active and involved during all these stages.

- Urban complexity and dynamics
- Innovative concepts on urban planning and design
- Urban landscape as a social and cultural process
- Participatory Landscape planning and management
- Indicators for a sustainable action plan
- Surveys and mapping of the city’s natural, cultural and social resources
- Policies for conservation and management in the Historic Urban Landscape
- Evaluation methodologies

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