18 de junho de 2014

Cities as Strategic Places and Players in a Globalized World


18 June 2014 – 20 June 2014

Paris, France

EURA | European Urban Research Association
UAA | Urban Affairs Association
Université Paris-Est

Cities have become ever more strategic in a globalizing world. Whilst they have always been at once social and cultural centers, key ‘spatial fixes’ for the reproduction of capitalist development, and loci of political control, their central role in a host of interlocking social, economic and political dynamics has been reinforced as they become the privileged sites of the actions of, and tussles between, national States, local authorities, firms, civil society and other actors.

The purpose of this conference is to document, investigate and question this reinforced position and status of cities in a globalized world. Two ways of looking at this are to consider cities as strategic places and as strategic players, and to analyse the interactions and possible tensions between these two dimensions. The forms of and interactions between these two dimensions of the ‘strategicness’ of cities will be explored and analysed through five main, but not exclusive, sub-topics.


1. Cities and spatial justice more inclusive cities;
2. Productive cities / Creative Cities;
3. Cities and environmental sustainability;
4. Cities, cosmopolitanism and multiculturism.
5. Cities and democracy

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