8 de junho de 2014

Making cities healthy for all

51st International Conference & Exhibition

8 June 2014 – 12 June 2014

Portland, Oregon

The principles of the International Making Cities Livable movement, initiated in 1985 to make our cities and communities more livable, have become part of a national US agenda, and are being applied by many cities in Europe and other parts of the world. At these conferences world leaders, city officials, practitioners and scholars in architecture, urban design, planning, social sciences, health policy, law and urban affairs gather to exchange experiences and ideas to improve city livability.

The conference will focus on effective strategies and visionary design solutions to making our cities and suburbs healthy and livable for all – young and old, poor and well-to do, and those with health and mobility issues.

• Reclaiming the public realm
• Active mobility and Complete streets
• Family-friendly Housing
• Building lifetime community districts
Reshaping suburban sprawl
• A healthy city for children
• Achieving neighborhood health equity
• Preventing and ending homelessness
• Food environments
• Integrating public health and planning
• Generating community participation
• Green cities
• Learning from Portland

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