26 de agosto de 2014

ERSA 54th Congress

Regional development & globalization: Best practices

26 -29 August 2014

Russia - Saint Petersburg

Topics General Themes

- New frontiers in Regional science
- Regional economic growth and development
- Urban sprawl and shrinkage
- Regional and urban labor markets
- Regional and urban policy, planning and governance. Best practices
- Location of economic activity
- Entrepreneurship, small business and regional diversity
- Multinational corporations, social embeddedness/alienation
- Institutional factors in regional and urban development
- Migrations, diasporas, and aging in the regions
- Spatial econometrics and regional economic modelling
- Spatial agglomerations - economic clusters and metropolitan areas
- Innovations in space
- Tourism and regional experience economy
- Realty and housing markets
- Arctic and Northern frontier regions
- Natural environment, resources, and sustainable development
- Infrastructure, transport, communications for mobile regions
- Social segregation, poverty, and social policy in space
- Regional finances, investments and capital markets
- Transitional economies
- Regional cooperation and competition

Special Session Topics

- Academician Alexander Granberg and his legacy for Regional Science
- Gaps in Regional Science: challenge to fill (meeting of the chief editors of the journals in Regional Science)
- Russian and EU regional issues: comparing differences and similarities in themes, problems and approaches. Points of convergence
- Arctic as the last frontier in Regional Science
- Toolkit to measure immesuarable in Regional Development
- Commons in Regional and Urban Development
- Saint Petersburg as the global city?
- Urban and regional regeneration: best practices
- Regional policy of the global corporations: best practices
- Modernizing spatial planning. Road maps technique
- Project approach in contemporary regional and urban development: creative teams and industries
- Chief editors of flagship journals in Regional Science - for young scholars
- Networking structures in regional economic development
- Climate challenge to regional economic development
- Regional/urban electronic government and governance
- Urban Economics Association
- Urban Economics Association 2

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