27 de maio de 2014

Socioeconomic Integration and Transformation: Reshaping Local,Regional,and Global Spaces

10th World Congress of the RSAI (Regional Science Association International)

May 27-29, 2014

Thailand - Bangkok

Sub-themes of the congress:

· Emerging challenges for regional development
· Vision and management of sustainable cities
· Energy, development, and sustainability
· Rural and local development
· Accessibility, infrastructure and regional economic growth
· Social capital and regional development
· Agglomeration, clusters, congestion and policy
· Crisis of public finances, governance and regional development
· Globalization and regional competitiveness
· Cross-border cooperation and development
· Migration, cultural networks and regional development
· Foreign direct investment
· Social segregation, poverty and social policy
· Spatial labor markets
· Climate change and sustainable regional development
· Entrepreneurship, networks and innovation
· Innovation, knowledge economy and regional development
· Geographical information science and spatial analysis
· Spatial econometrics
· New frontiers in regional science: theory and methodology
· Infrastructure, transportation and communication
· Land use, real estate and housing market
· Facility location modeling
· Tourism, cultural industries and regional development
· Urban governance and cities regeneration
· The computable city
· City systems and systems of cities
· Spatial organization and social media
· Territorial marketing
· Advances in I-O and CGE modeling
· Food security
· Global cities
· Southeast Asian regional economic integration
· Politics, ethnicity, and empowerment

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