19 de junho de 2014

Cities and landscapes of the new economy

19 and 20 June 2014


Under this title, the third edition of reSITE festival is to be held in Prague on 19 and 20 June 2014. The event invites planners, politicians, architects, activists, developers, landscapers, engineers, economists and artists from diverse disciplines to discuss how to make Central European cities more inclusive, transparent and participatory places.

In Central Europe, democracy and capitalism has been budding for over 23 years but the promise of the free market has not met the expectations of the electorate and a new dawn of social democratic leadership has settled-in.
What does city-building, public space and economic development look like in this new environment?
What is needed next?
Over 50 leading experts from Europe, Asia and North America will participate at reSITE Conference 2014 while hundreds of conference delegates from dozens of countries will enrich the dialogue and experience of answering questions and forming new ones.

reSITE is a symbol of informed awareness; informed by events of the past, innovation in the present and acutely aware of economic development and design in the most innovative and competitive cities abroad; small and large. At reSITE Conference you will find examples of innovative government leadership, smart design, contemporary urban planning and interdisciplinary dialogue all while we highlight foreign expertise in the complementary but oft-opposing forces of politics, design, community advocacy and economic development.

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