6 de outubro de 2014

OPEN DAYS 2014 'Growing together – Smart investment for people'

6-9 October 2014

Brussels - 5th and 6th floor of the Committee of the Regions


The Context

The policy cycle of cohesion policy suggests that due to the launch of the 320+ national, regional and territorial cooperation programmes in 2014, first experiences with their implementation may be at the forefront of debates during the 12th European Week of Regions and Cities. Moreover, the event will be held a few months after closing the public consultation on the European Commission's 'Sixth Report on Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion' and the related 'Sixth Cohesion Forum' (May 2014).

The thematic priorities

The OPEN DAYS 2014 will be held under the slogan 'Growing together – Smart investment for people', with workshops addressing one of the following themes:
* Connecting regional strategies: smart specialisation, digital agenda, SME support, low-carbon economy (supported by the ERDF), training and social inclusion (supported by the ESF); urban dimension.
* Building capacity: new features and instruments in programme management (financial engineering, performance framework evaluation, partnership arrangements).
* Territorial cooperation: the new generation of pan-European programmes (INTERREG, URBACT, ESPON, INTERACT); international cooperation.

The OPEN DAYS could foster exchange about those thematic priorities that are compulsory for each region between 2014-2020. There would also be the opportunity to look into new instruments such as Integrated Territorial Investments and Community-led Local Development, financial instruments, the new European Territorial Cooperation programmes and the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-regional Strategy to be adopted during the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

What are the OPEN DAYS?
European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement European Union cohesion policy, and prove the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance.

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