11 de junho de 2014

Symposium - Digital clouds and urban spaces | The city as an information system

11 June 2014, 1:30pm - 8:15pm

Architekturzentrum Wien - Podium

A cooperative venture between the World-Information Institute, dérive – Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung and the Az W

To an increasing extent urbanity is being formed by networks of information technologies. It is not only traffic direction systems, energy supply, infrastructure and planning models that are being based more and more on complex digital systems, the world of work, social spaces and cultural processes are also increasingly relying on a complex system of electronically controlled procedures. Global companies assure us that their technologies will make cities more efficient, safer and cleaner.
But to what extent do these systems really help citizens?
What might the long-term consequences be, what side-effects must we reckon with?
Where are the risks of increasing our dependency on complex systems?
What possibilities for action are open to citizens?

Programa (resumo):

Intelligent City? Introduction and Critical Perspectives
Another city is possible: Networked urbanism from above and below.
Adam Greenfield
Urban Development in the Information Age. Issues, Elements, Perspectives
Barbara Saringer-Bory

Sustainable City? Infrasctructure and Urban Dynamics
The Sustainable City as a Flexible Framework?
Between the poles of local urban development and supra-regional networks.
Daiva Jakutyte-Walangitang
The Inevitable End of the Internet and the Fall of the Information Society
Thomas Grüter

Open City? Decentral Technologies and Urban Life
Technologies for the People? A bottom-up approach to urban informatisation
Marleen Stikker
Right to the City.
The other vision of an urban society.
Christoph Laimer

Global Processes and Local Spaces
Panel with Adam Greenfield, Ina Homeier, Oliver Schürer and Marleen Stikker
Elke Rauth

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