25 de fevereiro de 2015

Planning, Law and Property Rights - Conference 2015

9th Conference
Planning, Law and Property Rights

25-27 February 2015

Volos, Greece

The International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights and the Department of Planning and Regional Development (DPRD) - University of Thessaly

The International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR) attracts academics in spatial planning, land-use and property law, real estate or related disciplines from all parts of the world and explores urban issues, legislative frameworks, and land ownership.

Planning matters. Law matters. Property matters.
Three simple messages inspiring the growing PLPR community to examine the difficult relationship between public and private interests in the use of land.

The Academic Association's functions aim at:
* Serving as an academic peer group for research in the field. To promote research with a cross-national comparative perspective so as to enable exchange of knowledge that is so lacking in the current state of research.
* Exchanging approaches and methods in the teaching of planning law to planning students.
* Supporting young academics researching in the fields of planning, law, and property rights.

PLPR 2015 Conference welcomes any topic based on theoretical analysis, research and/or practice related to planning and law, property rights on land, real estate studies, or planning and regulatory instruments.
We welcome contributions from scholars and practitioners in planning, law, real estate and related economic issues, and we especially encourage graduate students working on topics within this realm to submit their abstracts.

Indicative topics:
•Urban planning and development, urban regeneration
•Environmental planning & sustainable development
•Housing and building regulations
•Governance, public participation and planning law
•Human rights and social justice
•Climate change and planning law
•Public/private sector and planning law
•Property rights and the market
•Cultural heritage protection

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