1 de junho de 2015

IGU Regional Conference - Population Geography

16-21 August 2015


IGU Commission on Population Geography


Session 1: Human mobility and latest Census data: new evidences, new insights (JOINT SESSION Commission on Population Geography and Commission on Global Change and Human Mobility)
Session 2: Migrating out of Poverty in Asia (TBC)
Session 3: Interactions between human processes, population changes and the environment
Session 4: Population change and social impacts
Session 5: Geographies of International Student Mobility 1: The Roles of Gender, Class and Ethnicity
Session 6: Geographies of International Student Mobility II: The Roles of Immigration Policies, Universities and Recruitment Agencies
Session 7: Migration and Climate change an overview with a specific focus on Russia and neighboring countries

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- http://igu-online.org/population-geography-call-for-papers/
- http://www.igu2015.ru/#main-content

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