15 de maio de 2015

Theme Cities: Solutions for Urban Problems

Wayne K.D. Davies (eds.)
(2015), Springer

During the last few decades many innovative sets of policies have been proposed for solving contemporary urban problems. They are often summarized by an adjective added to urban, city or town, such as New Urban, Resilient Cities, Just Cities, Transition Towns, Winter Cities etc., creating a new phase of urban ideas. Each chapter in this book describes the origin, character and utility of the most important of these new city themes. Examples from all over the world show how they are able to improve urban life, creating more liveable, sustainable and inclusive places, although they need to be applied in conjunction, not regarded as separate silo approaches.

1. Introduction
2. New Urbanisms: From Neo-Traditional Neighbourhoods to New Regionalisms
3. Progress Towards Just Cities
4. Green Towns and Cities
5. Background to Sustainable Cities
6. Sustainable City Policies
7. Transition Towns and Eco-Districts: Local Sustainability Initiatives
8. Winter Cities
9. Resilient Cities
10. Creative Cities
11. Developing Knowledge Cities
12. Safe Cities and Communities
13. Healthy Cities: Old and New Solutions
14. Festive Cities: Multi-Dimensional Perspectives
15. Slow Cities
16. Conclusions: Creating More Liveable and Sustainable Urban Places

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