11 de agosto de 2014


Annual Conference of the IGU Urban Commission
Poznan 2014

August 11th to 14th 2014

Poland - Poznan

Hosted by:
- Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Management
- Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań (Poland)

11-12.08 – Collegium Minus, Adam Mickiewicz University, Wieniawskiego Street 1
13-14.08 – Collegium Geographicum, Adam Mickiewicz University, Dzięgielowa Street 27

Call for papers
Deadline for abstracts 31 January 2014

The Annual Conference of the IGU Urban Commission will also be an excellent opportunity to discover the beauty and variety of the environment and culture of Central and Eastern Europe.
The main theme of the conference is Cities: Their Distinctive Processes and Problems. While the processes and problems of urban development differ in the various parts of the world, a special focus of this conference will be those that have to be tackled by cities in post-socialist countries, as reflected in its special topic, Restructuring Post-Communist Cities.


Special topic:
Restructuring Post-Communist Cities: Processes and Problems

– Technological Innovation and Creative Activities in Cities
– Contested Social Spaces
– Creating Sustainability
– Dilemmas of Ageing Cities
– Increasing Insecurity
– Urban Heritage and Conservation
– Urban Governance
– Complex Urban Systems

Post-conference excursion to Kraków

After the conference has closed, its participants are invited to go on a 3-day trip scheduled for 15-17 August 2014. It will give them an opportunity to get acquainted with the history, tradition and culture, but also with problems faced by cities in south-western Poland, and more specifically Wielkopolska as well as Upper and Lower Silesia.

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