1 de junho de 2015

19th European Colloquium on Theoretical and Quantitative Geography - ECTQG2015

3-7 September 2015

Bari (Italy), at MAIB – Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari

The Technical University of Bari, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICATECh) 

Themes and Sessions
As usual since 1978, main themes and sessions of the Colloquium will emerge from the topics of presentations.
A few themes are listed below as a reminder of previous areas of interest and hot topics of the moment in geographical and spatial research:
• Epistemological issues and theory in geography
• Spatial interaction and networks
• Space-time processes, historical geography, geo-history, geo-archaeology
• Urban dynamics
• Economic geography, finance and globalization
• Environmental management and risk analysis
• Geographical issues in Energy and Green Economy
• Climate Change and geography
• Health geography and epidemiology
• Cellular automata, multi-agent systems and multi-level spatial modeling
• Fractals and scaling laws in complex spatial systems
• Network dynamics
• Exploratory methods for spatial big data analysis
• New Geovisualization tools
• Spatial data analysis and geostatistics in GIS
• Spatial decision support systems
• Spatially referenced heterogeneous data streams
• Innovative and inter-disciplinary methods for spatial data
• Object Tracking and RFIDs
• Volunteered Geographic Information
• Geosensor Networks
• Spatial cognition in environmental planning and management

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