1 de junho de 2015

EURA 2015 Annual Conference - Transforming cities, transformative cities

17-20 September 2015

Sibiu, Romania

European Urban Research Association
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania

Cities are dynamic places, where change is the result of both the innovation which inherently stems from the openness of cities and direct interventions. At the same time cities are involved in bringing about broader social, political, economic and environmental transformation. What happens in the cities has consequences in terms of global change. While cities themselves are constantly transforming, a debate over the contribution of urban areas to the transformation of societies, economies and political systems is on-going.

We approach cities focusing on the multiple dimensions of transformation within them and the transformations cities bring about in the wider society. The political, social, cultural, educational, economic, spatial, and environmental ramifications of transformation within and generated by cities, means that they are seen to hold a position within modern industrialised states of being the drivers of economic and social change; but is this vision of the role played by cities an accurate one? The conference will focus on the European city, but it will not neglect cities elsewhere in the world or different types of urban areas and encourages submissions beyond Europe. Special attention is given to the transformation of the post-socialist cities in the past two decades as they provide an important locus of transformation and an interesting case study on the transformative power of cities.

Conference tracks

Track 1. The spatiality of the city as a basis of transformation
Track 2. The democratic city: institutional reforms and policy processes
Track 3. The just city: social and cultural transformation of the cities
Track 4. The growing city and the green city: transforming urban economies and the challenges of global warming
Track 5. The transformative city
- Workshop for young scholars

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