5 de março de 2015


Andrew E. G. Jonas, Eugene McCann, Mary Thomas

384 pages
March 2015, ©2015, Wiley-Blackwell


Urban Geography a comprehensive introduction to a variety of issues relating to contemporary urban geography, including patterns and processes of urbanization, urban development, urban planning, and life experiences in modern cities.

- Reveals both the diversity of ordinary urban geographies and the networks, flows and relations which increasingly connect cities and urban spaces at the global scale
- Uses the city as a lens for proposing and developing critical concepts which show how wider social processes, relations, and power structures are changing
- Considers the experiences, lives, practices, struggles, and words of ordinary urban residents and marginalized social groups rather than exclusively those of urban elites
- Shows readers how to develop critical perspectives on dominant neoliberal representations of the city and explore the great diversity of urban worlds


An excellent textbook for urban geography courses: accessible, comprehensive and stimulating. For the student who wants to know how and why cities continue to matter, Andrew Jonas, Eugene McCann and Mary Thomas have produced a pedagogic tour-de-force.
Kevin Ward, University of Manchester

An excellent and comprehensive introduction to cities’ uneven geographies and the diverse processes and experiences that co-produce them. Each of its empirically rich and theoretically rigorous chapters will engage, excite and extend students, while giving them a solid grounding.
Pauline McGuirk, Director, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Newcastle, Australia

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