4 de março de 2015

Data visualization: Science on the map

Easy-to-use mapping tools give researchers the power to create beautiful visualizations of geographic data.

Mark Zastrow
04 March 2015


TileMill is just one tool in the emerging field of customized mapping, where a bevy of open-source technologies and start-ups have given rise to an abundance of offerings for researchers and enthusiasts (see ‘Get on the map’). These tools are more approachable for novices than the conventional geographic information systems (GISs) that geographers have long used for analysis of geospatial data sets. They allow non-specialists to easily visualize, manipulate and share their data in formats that are as slickly browsable as Google Maps but with greater power and flexibility.

Duncan A Smith, CASA UCL
House prices around London, from Duncan Smith's 'LuminoCity' maps.
Click for interactive version.

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